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[TRLog] TR & LZ Eng. (K1EA) DVP

Subject: [TRLog] TR & LZ Eng. (K1EA) DVP
From: (Steve Kelly)
Date: Tue, 21 Oct 1997 12:56:44 -0700
I recently picked up one of the DVP boards (LZ Engineering - K1EA type) for
use with TR Log in the upcoming CQWW test.

I installed the board and set up the LOGCFG.DAT file as outlined in the TR
Log manual.

My computer and station configuration are as follows:

        Windows '95
        Cyrix 686 P150+
        64mb ram
        Diamond Video Card
        Sound Blaster 16
        USR 33.6 internal modem
        COM 1  Mouse
        COM 2    Modem
        COM 4    Radio (FT-1000MP)
        LPT 1    Printer

        Yaesu FT-1000MP
        TR Log ver. 6.12
        DVP Board Rev. C
        DVPTSR.EXE ver. 1.03

I cold boot the system into Windows '95. When I choose 'Restart system in
MSDOS Mode' and at the DOS command prompt type 'DVPTSR', I can hear the
relays on the DVP board click.  Then I run TR Log.  I have been able to
record and play back messages at this point and I see the record indicator
on the screen.  If I shut down TR Log and intentionally leave the TSR
loaded for the DVP and then re-run TR Log, I cannot record and play back
messages.  I have quit TR and unloaded and then reloaded the TSR with no
success.  The thing only seems to work again if I do another cold boot of
the computer.

I have also created a DOS boot floppy disk from within Win '95 and added
the appropriate lines to the 'Config.sys' and 'Autoexec.bat' files but the
results are similar.

At one point I had the Backcopy function copying from the receiver, but
when I went to replay one of the files it created all I got was what
sounded like computer hash.

I would like to hear from anyone who is using one of the DVP boards with TR
Log and if possible have you send me an email with copies of your computers
'Config.sys', 'Autoexec.bat' and 'Logcfg.dat' files.

I would also like to know if your are successfully going from Win '95 and
restarting in DOS mode to run the program or if you have to boot DOS by

If a phone call would be easier and quicker to explain what needs to be
done to get things working properly, please send along your phone number
and a good time to call.

Thanks in advance,

Steve  K7EM

Steve Kelly

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