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[TRLog] Using TR and sound card?

Subject: [TRLog] Using TR and sound card?
From: (Chad Kurszewski WE9V)
Date: Thu, 23 Oct 1997 08:17:43 -0500
At 08:29 PM 10/22/97 -0500, Bob Stolberg wrote:
>I just loaded TR onto my Windows 95 computer and wanted
>to play with the simulator but I'm not getting anything out of the
>sound card speakers just the speaker in the computer case.
>Anyone know how to get it to work with the sound card?
>Thanks, Bob KS9W

Well, this is not a function that TR supports, BUT your computer

1)  There is a speaker input on your sound card (hopefully).
2)  You need to hook up a Y cable from the motherboard speaker output
    to this input (the other part of the Y still going to the speaker).
3)  Try TR again.
4)  If it still doesn't work, look for the mixer application that
    came with your sound card.  (The one for W95 doesn't seem to
    have the controls for the speaker.)  Make sure the speaker
    input isn't muted and adjust the speaker input slider to a
    comfortable level.

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