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[TRLog] Version 6.13 looping

Subject: [TRLog] Version 6.13 looping
From: (Frank Altenbrand)
Date: Thu, 23 Oct 1997 17:16:33 -0400

I just received my new copy of TRlog from SM3OJR. Used the public domain
version 4.05 before. CTY.DAT is the problem with LF instead of CR/LF. A
very fast fix is to load it with the MSDOS EDIT and then save it again.
Then all LF get replaced by CR/LF. That works fine with me without the need
to download a new CTY.DAT-file.

But I have a small problem with the packet interface: when using CTRL-B to
talk to the TNC the TNC stops sending further data because it receives some
stange commands without a CR-delimiter. OK, I have to say that I'm using
WA8DED-firmware with the TNC (not TAPR) and that thing works with the very
old 4.05. 

Does anybody has a hint?

73, Frank, DL8ZAW

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