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[TRLog] TR keying questions

Subject: [TRLog] TR keying questions
From: (Scott Robbins)
Date: Thu, 23 Oct 1997 19:32:00 -0400 (EDT)

I am guessing at the tr-log reflector address and also CC:ing to
the contest reflector - please don't burn me to a crisp as I am not sure
of the addresses and I'm stuck!

Having a slight problem making the keying circuit work for sending CW
through TR to my rig (using the parallel port).  I have the 10k 
pullup resistors installed on the inputs from the paddle and substituted 
a 2N4124 for the 2N2222 keying transistor.  When I touch the paddle, 
dit or dah side, I get a one-second long "dah" sent through to the rig
regardless of which side of the paddle I press or what the TR cw keying
speed is set to.  Keying heard through the software sidetone sounds 
normal when sent with the computer (still sending that same "dah" as if using
the paddle or for longer transmissions will add the dah's together for a
simulated keydown condition), and when I pull the keying interface off the
parallel port with TR running it sends a constant
"dit-dah-dit-dah-dit-dah" which from reading the manual I believe is 
normal as well.  Thoughts?  Should the emitter connected to strobe at pin 1
also be grounded?  Help? 

Scott Robbins, W4PA 

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