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[TRLog] TR keying questions

Subject: [TRLog] TR keying questions
From: (Mike)
Date: Fri, 24 Oct 1997 03:22:24 +0000
I had the same problem, I was getting RF into things. Might check that, if
not then try to change the xsistor.


At 07:32 PM 10/23/97 -0400, you wrote:
>I am guessing at the tr-log reflector address and also CC:ing to
>the contest reflector - please don't burn me to a crisp as I am not sure
>of the addresses and I'm stuck!
>Having a slight problem making the keying circuit work for sending CW
>through TR to my rig (using the parallel port).  I have the 10k 
>pullup resistors installed on the inputs from the paddle and substituted 
>a 2N4124 for the 2N2222 keying transistor.  When I touch the paddle, 
>dit or dah side, I get a one-second long "dah" sent through to the rig
>regardless of which side of the paddle I press or what the TR cw keying
>speed is set to.  Keying heard through the software sidetone sounds 
>normal when sent with the computer (still sending that same "dah" as if using
>the paddle or for longer transmissions will add the dah's together for a
>simulated keydown condition), and when I pull the keying interface off the
>parallel port with TR running it sends a constant
>"dit-dah-dit-dah-dit-dah" which from reading the manual I believe is 
>normal as well.  Thoughts?  Should the emitter connected to strobe at pin 1
>also be grounded?  Help? 
>Scott Robbins, W4PA 
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