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[TRLog] TR hangs while logging.

Subject: [TRLog] TR hangs while logging.
From: (Chris Robson)
Date: Mon, 27 Oct 1997 06:39:31 -0500
At 11:21 AM 10/27/97 GMT, you wrote:
>>On Mon, 27 Oct 1997 05:10:30 -0500, you wrote:
>>I used TR for the first time during CQWW SSB this weekend.
>>Much nicer to use than CT, but I was plagued with one major
>>problem.  While making about 400 contacts, my computer
>>hung about a dozen times.
>>I have Windows 95 loaded on my machine, and I select the
>>command prompt option while booting up. (I have it display
>>the boot options menu.)  When I start TR, I have about 140k
>>to.   The hangs always occur when finishing a QSO.  I.e. the
>>exchange is filled in(automatically) and the keyboard locks.
>>Could it be RF? Too many packet spots?  Need to run
>>DOS 6.1?
>I don't know what your problem is but it is NOT dos7. I can run in a
>window as a matter of fact with no problem, or just form the command
>line boot. It is very likely that RF is your problem.
>>Any ideas would be appreciated.
>>Tom - N1MM

I would like to ditto Tom's remakes, in regards to RF, I too had lock up
problems in past version of TR and researched it down to RF getting to the
computer via the Keyboard cable. I put a torod coil in the windings of the
keyboard cable (works just like Chinese handcuffs!) and my problem
disappeared. Considering I am using a laptop computer sitting on a antenna
tuner, and using an external keyboard, I would suspect I would really get
RF problems, however it was an easy fix that still works.

73, Chris KB3A

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