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[TRLog] Hangups

Subject: [TRLog] Hangups
From: (Mike)
Date: Mon, 27 Oct 1997 15:21:15 +0000
We also had tr lock up a couple of times, and we are using only a 386 with
4 megs just a barebones computer. but is VERY RF SILENT, and has never had
any problems with RF getting into it.

Both times that it locked up, we actually had to reset computer, as
keyboard would not work at all. It only did it a couple of times, which is
more than I would like, but at least it was neither time right in the
middle of one of the infamous 200 per hour ja run on 15...what fun!
I see most all people that had the problem, had packet interfaced to it,
well I am going to rain a little here, we had no packet on that computer,
however we did have the rig interfaced to it, which brings me to another
point, I could not type in a frequency in the window and make the rig go
there, was i doing it wrong, does it not work on the 870, or am I just an
idiot and just think that it is supposed to work????


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