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[TRLog] Hangups

Subject: [TRLog] Hangups
From: (Louis Petkus)
Date: Mon, 27 Oct 1997 09:46:27 -0600
Ditto the hang ups....locked up about 6 times using 6.01. (Didn't have time
to get 6.13 installed).

Using a 486-12 straight DOS 6.22 system.  No DVP, No Radio control.

Lock ups always came after exiting the Ctrl-B screen, entering a call, and
pressing Return.  

I don't have any RF problems so really don't think RF is factor.

Also as a side.....If the cursor is left on the packet screen any where
except column 1 on the screen when you return to the logging mode new
packet spots are not displayed.


Lou, K9LU  

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