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[TRLog] Hang ups etc. at N6RO

Subject: [TRLog] Hang ups etc. at N6RO
From: becker@SPRINTMAIL.COM (Tony and Celia Becker)
Date: Mon, 27 Oct 1997 08:27:05 -0600
Hi Tree!

I'm afraid you are going to get the N6RO report in dribbles as both Steve and I 
are very busy just now.

At 06:50 AM 10/27/97 -0800, Tree wrote:
>Sorry to see that several poeple had problems.  First off, I would 
>say that 6.05 is very "stable".   However, it is interesting that some
>people didn't have problems and others did.  I haven't gotten the full
>report from the N6RO multi-multi, but one of the operators didn't mention
>any problems with hangups.  

K6AW and I are the N6RO (aka KO6N) operators responsible for the four computers 
and multi-multi network.  We did have unexplained hang-ups and other strange 
behavior with TR version 6.14 last weekend.

The problems were:

1.      Screen goes blank and cursor disappears (several times on computers A, 
C and D).  Sometimes recovers one window at a time, sometimes the operator 
impatiently rebooted.

2.      Locks up after typing the first character into the call window.  (once 
each on computers B and D, twice on A)  Recovers only with a reboot.

3.      Locks up after the DVP ENABLE is set to TRUE, as soon as the next 
character is typed into the call window.  Happened every time but once on 
computer A, which had been stable for several phone contests and TR versions.  
DVP suddenly started working with problems Saturday evening, and continues 
until a reboot due to 1. above on Sunday morning, so we finished the contest 
without the DVP

The multi network consists of:
ID    BAND   Description
A     20     COMPAQ 386 33MHz running DOS 6.1 ?
B     15&160 486DX2 50MHz running DOS 6.21
C     10&80  386DX 33MHz running DOS 6.1
D     40     586 ? 120MHz running DOS 6.22 ?

No Windows 95 allowed on the network.

Computer C is the new recruit and only locked up type 2. once.  Machines A, B, 
and D have been used for several contests running TR versions 6.11 an earlier 
and have been free of related problems. 

I couldn't swear to it, but judging by the BEEPing, these things were related 
to the traffic level on the network, mostly due to packet spots.  OTOH, the 
"check multi network" message only appeared due to network interruptions we 
could explain, such as when one operator held his "enter split frequency" 
window open for several minutes.

I'll send Tree a separate message with the LOGCFG.DAT files, and some more 
comments for the multi features later tonight.

Gotta Go...


AE0M, Tony Becker - - Silicon Valley, USA

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