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[TRLog] Me too...and another thing

Subject: [TRLog] Me too...and another thing
From: (Lee Hiers, AA4GA)
Date: Tue, 28 Oct 1997 02:53:11 +0000
I was only on a little bit, but I did have one hang up.

It was after coming out of the CTRL-B window and the call was entered 
in the call window...I tried to log by hitting return and the machine 
was locked up tight...had to re-boot.

I _think_ I was using 6.11 when the lockup happened, but it may have 
been 6.13, as I changed in the middle of the contest.  Only occurred 
once, but I only made about 150 Qs total.

Now, a question: 

Let's say I'm on 40m.  I just worked a VE station and he's on the 
bandmap in white.  Then, a packet spot comes in for the same call on 
80m - I assume they're multi-multi - it wasn't Jeff multi-rigging at 
VE3EJ  ;)   

Anyway, the 40m band map entry disappears and the 80m spot is now on 
the 80m band map.  Is this normal, or did something change?  I've 
never used the program with packet, so don't know what to 
expect...but I don't like some guy spotting VEs on 80m messing with 
my 40m bandmap!

Just curious....

73 de Lee

Lee Hiers - AA4GA
Contest Preservation Society - NT4DX
Cornelia, GA   

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