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Subject: [TRLog] RTFM?
From: (Jack Fleming)
Date: Mon, 27 Oct 1997 19:20:57 -0800 (PST)
I apologize in advance if these are RTFM questions or features of TR, but
I'll ask them anyway...  Besides, I just sent my $100 in for a lifetime
subscription, so I have no feelings of guilt!  You should do the same
thing! It's a great feeling!

Here are the questions:

Version 6.11

When I'm in search and pounce mode and have a callsign in the window I hit
enter to send my call.  Everything is fine, except the callsign is marked
with an * in the bandmap.  Now I've either got to get lucky and have the
station come back for a QSO, or hang around forever (can you say S97A?)
calling and calling and calling until I get through to him to justify the
* in the bandmap...  (OK, OK, OK so maybe I CAN use the up arrow and hit
the spacebar to dupecheck again to get rid of the * before moving on...
Is that what I need to do?)

The other thing is that when I go from CQ mode to search and pounce mode
by hitting the spacebar, it ALWAYS sends my callsign.  Even when there
isn't a call in the window.  Is that right?  Isn't it supposed to switch
over without sending my callsign?  Is there another way to go to S&P mode
that I should use in these cases?  


Jack Fleming, WA0RJY                   
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