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[TRLog] Re: Radio interface is not working correctly

Subject: [TRLog] Re: Radio interface is not working correctly
From: (Tree N6TR)
Date: Thu, 30 Oct 1997 06:55:18 -0800 (PST)
W0MN writes:

> When I load the program it keeps the last radio information. For
> instance if I have the radio on 20CW and I last worked 40 cw it still
> says 40 cw. It does not update the band and frequency until I send a
> cq or do some other action and not always then. I tried a dummy qso
> and it actually logged the qso as 40 cw when it was made on 20cw.=20
> In addition if I change the band after it is correct the indication
> does not change until I do some transmitting.
> Has anyone else seen this behavior and if so how did you correct it?
> Obviously this is not acceptable and the log could get really messed
> up.

I have never seen this type of behavior - but I know what it is
(read on).

> I am using a Kenwood TS870S and all connections are wired through on
> the cable including pin 7 except pion 4 which is the CW keying.=20
> Obviously it seems to me that you can't wire that one through and
> still use it for CW keying.

This is when I figured out what it was...

> Computer               Radio
> 1----------------------1
> 2----------------------2
> 3----------------------3
> 4------------------------------------------To interface
> 5----------------------5
> 6----------------------6
> 7----------------------7
> 8----------------------8
> 9----------------------9

Nice of Kenwood to finally put a proper serial port on the back of the
radio instead of requiring a separate interface (like on my 850).

At any rate, please turn to Appendix A on the manual.  Use the serial
interface connections as shown under SERIAL INTERFACE.  Only connect
the three wires shown (serial out / serial in / ground).  On the
RADIO side of the cable, make jumpers as shown in the NOTE (pin
1 to 6 and pin 4 to 7).

Your problem should now be fixed.

The reason it wasn't reading the radio until you "transmitted" is 
because the PTT or CW signals were enabling the serial interface 
flow control signals.  

Obviously, now that you have made these changes, you will find 
pins 4 and 7 are now free on the computer side and you CAN use 
it for keying the radio.

73 and see you in the SS from W5WMU

Tree N6TR

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