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[TRLog] Tail end key, How do YOU think it should work?

Subject: [TRLog] Tail end key, How do YOU think it should work?
From: (Gilbert Baron)
Date: Fri, 31 Oct 1997 13:00:42 -0600
In an earlier post I complained about the tail end key operation. I see
that the manual is ambiguous. Under the Appendix for the config file it
says it will log the contact and let you enter the call, under the
Operation section (5) it says that it is not logged until you press
enter. I would much prefer it worked as in the appendix because you can
get mixed up with the exchange and the call becoming the call if you
forget to press the enter. I am not sure why it does not do that but it
is working as the operation section of the manual says so I guess it is
a manual bug and a program feature. I would really like it to log the
previous qso immediately when I send the tail end message with the tail
end key. What do you all think. Maybe an option would be even better. 
Bailar es vivir

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