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[TRLog] WOW!

Subject: [TRLog] WOW!
From: (Tom Delker)
Date: Sun, 30 Nov 1997 23:25:10 -0600
Mike, I totally agree with you! Up until now, I have always had my
paddles to fall back on, but this time I did it totally mobile, didn't
have time to wire up the paddles to the interface. It was a lot easier
to just keep my hand ready at the keyboard, and only used F10 during the
last hour to send some slow - spaced - out - callsign repeats.

Don't think I'm quite ready to trash my WBL paddles, but they will be
far removed in future contests.

Thomas M. Delker - K1KY CFO#395 - Smyrna / Gallatin / Short Mtn. TN
C.A.T.S. (W4CAT) - 147.30 (114.8) / 145.23 / 223.98 / 444.45 & 444.65
Stones River A.R.C. (K4FUN) -
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Fistfighters United Nashville (NT4L) 146.955 (114.8)

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