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[TRLog] Version 6.18

Subject: [TRLog] Version 6.18
From: (Tree N6TR)
Date: Sat, 6 Dec 1997 11:46:32 -0800 (PST)
Version 6.18 is on its way or on the BBS.  Here are the changes:

          Release notes for TR Logging Program - Version 6.18
                             6 December 1997

Version 6.18 released on 6 December 1997

 - Enhancements to ARCI contest. Added RST POSSIBLE DOMESTIC QTH AND
   POWER exchange.  The power gets used for ARCI numbers as well, but
   put a W after power levels sent by non members.  The W will be logged.

   Added ARCI QSO POINT METHOD for ARCI.  If a no W found in the "power",
   the full 5 points will be scored.  If a W is found, you get 2 points
   for the same continent, or 4 points for DX.

 - Switched mode and frequency for MP back the way it was (freq then mode).

 - Prevented possible crash if packet frequency > 2,147 MHz.

Version 6.17 released 23 November 1997.

 - Reversed the order of sending the mode and frequency to the FT1000,
   FT920 and FT1000MP.  This means your mode will be set before setting
   the frequency.  Under some radio configurations, this could result
   in an error equal to the CW offset.

 - Fixed Dualing CQ process on SSB when using the DVP.  Also, some minor
   clean up of DVP sequencing when using two radio mode.  Pressing F1
   to resend your callsign while a dummy CQ is in progress works quicker.

 - In the S&P mode, if you use F2 to resend your exchange just after
   logging a QSO, it will send the SEARCH AND POUNCE exchange even if
   you have a REPEAT SEARCH AND POUNCE exchange programmed.  Furthurmore,
   it would set the "ExchangeHasBeenSent" flag so that when you make
   your next S&P QSO, it will send the REPEAT S&P EXCHANGE.  This has
   now been changed so that if you press F2 with no call window or
   exchange window entry, the REPEAT S&P exchange is sent and the
   ExchangeHasBeenSent flag is not set.  If you don't have a REPEAT S&P
   exchange programmed, you won't notice this as the S&P exchange gets
   sent all of the time.

 - The CONTEST NAME is now part of the RESTART.BIN header.  This means
   if you change the contest you are operating in your LOGCFG.DAT file,
   the program won't try to use the RESTART.BIN file that might already
   be in the directory.  This eliminates any possible problems with
   incorrect configurations which could cause strange behavior (i.e.,
   missing remaining multiplier info).

 - Some people have seen a negative number appear in some log entries
   when displaying frequency.  Two changes have been made here.  First,
   a band-aid has been added so that if for any reason a negative
   result appears for the frequency, it will be set to zero.  This
   happens with we don't get frequency data from the radio and then
   subtract out the megahertz.  Secondly, an improvement has been made
   in how I filter the frequency data in an attempt to use the previous
   non-zero frequency when I come up with zero.

   This list stops at the version covered by the latest release of
   the manual.  You can view previous release notes on the web at

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