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[TRLog] Bug report for 6.18

Subject: [TRLog] Bug report for 6.18
From: (Gilbert Baron)
Date: Sun, 07 Dec 1997 11:49:04 GMT
>On Sat, 6 Dec 1997 22:39:54 GMT, you wrote:

>The DVP interface bug still occurs in TR version 6.18. I verified this by
>booting up in DOS 6.22 with no AUTOEXEC.BAT or CONFIG.SYS files. I used
>a boot floppy, but hitting F8 (or whatever key lets you tell the machine
>to not run CONFIG.SYS and AUTOEXEC.BAT) will work. If immediately after
>a reboot, I start DVPTSR and then TR in a directory that contains only
>the logcfg.dat file

Well at least you get to test it. As usual I still have not received
the new version. I am always last for some reason?
It is very strange that when George sent it to me I got it in minutes
but now it is many hours and no sighn of it?

>my call = w9cf
>contest = cq ww
>display mode = color
>mode = ssb
>dvp enable = true
>TR reports the wrong shared memory area 8000:XXXX where I haven't
>bothered to write down the offset, but the obviously wrong segment of
>8000 is reported.  The same thing happens with version 0.97 and
>probably earlier versions of my SBDVP TSR, indicating the problem is in
>TR not in SBDVP or DVPTSR. If I exit and restart TR, it will report the
>correct shared memory address. Running with my normal AUTOEXEC.BAT and
>CONFIG.SYS, I sometimes get the error and sometimes don't depending on
>how things are loaded in memory and what I have run before. It is
>repeatable on boot up from the configuration above on 3 different
>computers here. Using TR after it reports the wrong address (rather
>than immediately exiting) generally causes my computer to lock up soon
>afterwards as would be predicted. I suspect this may be the cause of
>some of the crashes reported earlier when using DVPTSR or SBDVP.
>73 Kevin w9cf
>Kevin Schmidt
>Department of Physics and Astronomy
>Arizona State University, Tempe, AZ 85287-1504
>(602) 965-8240
>(602) 965-7954 (FAX)

Gil Baron W0MN
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