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[TRLog] Re: ARCI logcfg.dat

Subject: [TRLog] Re: ARCI logcfg.dat
From: (Tree N6TR)
Date: Sun, 7 Dec 1997 08:52:29 -0800 (PST)
> >These will need to be entered as 0051 so the program knows it is 
> >a member number.
>   Oh ohh..  It logged any number before, no matter how many places (at least
> 1 to 4 worked).  Can you make it accept any number, but key on the W to
> determine if a power nr?   Having to go back and add leading zeroes after
> you've found out it's only a 3 digit nr is worse than before where I had to
> manually change the points myself, but I could log any number..
>   Well, maybe not..  For some stats, I worked 445 QSO's in the ARCI FALL QSO
> Party, and made 7 with 3-digit member-nr stations, and 3 with two-digit
> member-nr stations.  Not very many..
>   Is this correct? The new setup will use any 1,2,or 3 digit nr as power,
> and a 4-digit nr is member?  Is the 'W' after a power needed then, as well?

Not exactly.  It will use any numeric entry with a W on the end of it
as a power.  It will use a 4 digit numeric entry as an ARCI member
number.  It will try to use a 3 digit (or one digit) numeric entry
as the RST.  

The problem in the implementation stems from the difficulty of 
distinguishing between a RST entry and a member number.  The easiest
way to do this was to require the member number to be four digits.

There are more difficult ways to do it, but it would then make the
current free format for the entry unavailable.  For example, I 
believe you can log the RST, ARCI/Power and QTH in any order and
the program will sort it out.  If we require the RST to be in 
the front, then I can change the code to allow the ARCI number to
be any number of digits...  However, this might actually make it
more difficult to log if you are using the exchange memory for 
power and QTH...  I am not sure if this contest uses 599 all of
the time, or actual RST (being a QRP contest it would seem actual
RST would be best).

Also, the exchange memory will remember the number from band to
band, so maybe you would have been even fewer than 10 times you
would have had to backspace and add some zeros.

So, let me know how it works in actual use today, and we can improve 
it.  At least you will have the QSO Points right now, which will probably
be a bigger plus than the problem with entering 4 digits.
I am hoping to have a little time myself to play in the contest so 
I have a better feel for it.  Any way to become an ARCI member before 

73 Tree

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