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[TRLog] Summary - digital sound with TRLog

Subject: [TRLog] Summary - digital sound with TRLog
From: (John Unger)
Date: Tue, 09 Dec 1997 11:43:19 -0500
I did not get a whole log of response to my original query, and there seems
to be no clear consensus among the replies. Make your own conclusions....

My thanks to everyone who passed along information.

tnx es 73 - John, W4AU

My original post:


Since I enjoy CW so much, I have never tried SSB versions of contests in a
serious way. It's finally dawned on me that this means that I'm missing out
on approximately 50% of the contest action...

Although I had lots of chores to do last weekend, I decided to play around
in the SSB SS last weekend, but after a few hundred Q's my throat was
feeling the stess of so much talking. So here's the question:

I know of three ways to integrate digital speech in TRLOG: 
1) W9XT contst card
3) W9CF's SBDVP Sound Blaster Software

Which of the three options is the best one, assuming no Sound Blaster card
in the computer already? I guess the criteria should include things like
ease of installation and integration with TRLog's features.


And now the (unattributed) responses:



Well - at least this was the case when they were made in the USA.

I don't have any personal experience with the European manufactured
version - although I believe it is all the same and I have never
heard of a problem with them.


Please do summarize at the appropriate time, because I'm in the same boat
although from what I have gathered over the past few months I'm leaning
toward the W9XT.


I tried the option 3. It can work well BUT recording does not work in
win 95 and if you try to unload to store the resulting files they are
trash. You must make your recordings with wav studio or the like and
then load them. The quality is not that great. I think it is a great
(read cheap) option if you have the sound card but even then not the
I would recommend option 2 from what I have read. The number 1 has some
interfacing problems is what I read. That is not first hand so
investigate but if you can spend the money I would pick 1 or 2 and for
you it would not be more expensive since you don't hvae the sound card.


John, if you have any interest in also operating RTTY using K6STI's
terrific RITTY program and WF1B's RTTY contest logging software, I'd go for
the SBDVP approach.  That way you can use the SoundBlaster for two or more
applications.  (K6STI also sells a very fine dsp program that uses the
SoundBlaster card.)  If you have no interest in adding sound to the
computer, then probably either W9XT or K1EA will be fine.  I have two DVP's
and two SoundBlasters.  I prefer the DVP's, but the SBDVP s/w does seem to
work quite well, also.  It just requires a little more work to install, and
you have to build up your own cabling vs. buying it from the DVP folks.
Good luck.


I went the K1EA DVP route ... Why ?

It works (and works well) with all functions with
any of the contest software (TR/NA/CT). The
others at the time seemed limited in options. They
do a FB job, but I wanted to do it right the first time
and for me the K1EA units have worked well in
each of the PCs here. I invested in the K1EA cables
as they are well shielded and of good quality, to date
I have had no problems with hum or grounds loops.

Be glad to answer any more questions. There is a
web site for the K1EA DVP unit I believe ...


I use the W9XT card, and like it a lot.  The card is inexpensive by
comparison to the DVP, and it's much faster to set up.  Since you'd have to
buy a Sound Blaster card to use option 3, the XT card is also less expensive
than that option.  Also, the XT card contains a CW interface; this frees up
whatever port you're using for CW right now.  TRLog has provisions for an
external DVK (the same hardware standard as used by NA and CT); the XT card
appears to the computer to be an external DVK, so it's easily set up that way.

On the other hand, the XT card has four fixed memories totalling 16 seconds.
It is *not* capable of transmitting variable text (the other guy's callsign,
or a serial number), you'll have to speak that yourself.  


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