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[TRLog] Summary - digital sound with TRLog

Subject: [TRLog] Summary - digital sound with TRLog
From: (Kevin Schmidt)
Date: Wed, 10 Dec 1997 02:25:02 GMT
John, W4AU, quoted the following from his private e-mail
>I tried the option 3. It can work well BUT recording does not work in
>win 95 and if you try to unload to store the resulting files they are
>trash. You must make your recordings with wav studio or the like and
>then load them. The quality is not that great. I think it is a great
>(read cheap) option if you have the sound card but even then not the

Poor sound quality with the SBDVP software may be because you find 8
bit audio inherently low quality.  If however, you can't record using
SBDVP for some reason and find the 8 bit audio played by SBDVP on files
recorded using other software to be a lot worse than the same file
played with that other software, one possibility is that you have
recorded the file using A-law, mu-law or similar compression.  SBDVP
uses a straight linear unsigned 8 bit format.  If you play an 8 bit
mu-law file using SBDVP it will be understandable but the quality will
be unacceptable.

In the latest version of SBDVP,, I
have added experimental support for Windows Sound System (WSS)
compatible cards. Most (but not all) of the really cheap (i.e. $20)
sound cards are Windows Sound System compatible.  With SBDVP in WSS
mode, you can choose between 8 bit unsigned audio files, at an 11KHz
sampling rate, and 16 bit signed audio files at a 16KHz rate.  The
quality of the 16 bit audio files should be better than the audio
system of your transmitter.  Trying the WSS mode, if your card supports
it, also gives your card another chance to record from the microphone
if it fails in Sound Blaster mode. (The audio mixer is a lot easier to
program in WSS mode.)

Nearly all my computing and code development is done on unix based
computers; I don't know anything about Windows 95. My hope is that Tree
will eventually port TR to unix/linux and since the networking and audio
stuff is so easy to program in unix, Tree will include it in TR and I
can abandon SBDVP. My shack computer (an old 386) boots to either DOS
or linux, so I'm ready :-).

73 Kevin w9cf
Kevin Schmidt
Department of Physics and Astronomy
Arizona State University, Tempe, AZ 85287-1504
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