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[TRLog] 6.16/6.18 observations

Subject: [TRLog] 6.16/6.18 observations
From: (Tim Totten, N4GN)
Date: Sun, 14 Dec 1997 22:21:35 -0500 (EST)
Here are some random thoughts from using 6.16 in Iceland (TF/OH4GN and WW
CW from TF3IRA) and 6.18 in ARRL 10 from home.  (NOTE--I am NOT the QSL
manager for TF3IRA!!!!!!)

- Finished wiring up the PTT ckt at 2356Z on Friday night before WW.  Why
haven't I used this before?!  Man, this is my new favorite feature of
TR--simply fantastic!  [As an aside, I've done a lot of analysis of my
busted calls over the years, and darn near half of them on CW have been
caused by missing the first CW element of a call--e.g., G4ABC becomes
N4ABC.  This feature will absolutely improve my busted call percentage!]

- This may be a total nightmare to code properly, but scoring for /MM
stations in WW needs to be based on their zone and not their home call. 
For example, from TF3IRA, we worked UA2FM/MM in zone 33.  We should get 3
points for that (zone 33 is Africa), not just 1 (UA2 is Europe).  I would
put this at low-to-medium priority--hopefully it can be looked at before
next year's WW. 

- How 'bout some simple validation before logging CQ zones?  I'm just
thinking of 01 <= zone <= 40.  A couple times I'd try to change a 5 to a 4
(or whatever), get going a bit too fast, and end up logging zone 54 or 44
or something equally invalid.  I just used Ctrl-N to make a note to fix it
later, but I'd rather have TR beep at me and force me to log it right in
the first place.  Just something very low priority for the wish list.

- The REPEAT S&P EXCHANGE works perfectly now.  Tnx Tree!

- The "mult needs for" box covering up part of the mults list has always
been a minor annoyance to me.  In the past, I've always been able to
restore the mults list by hitting Esc a time or two.  But for some reason,
in the 10-meter contest, this didn't work in SSB mode.  It does still work
on CW.  Kinda weird . . . .

- Along this same line, would it be possible to keep small mults lists
always to the left of the area for the "mults need for" box?  In other
words, if you only have a small number of mults (like SS, or the domestic
mults for 160 or 10), they would never get covered up.  I realize you need
the space for DX mults.  Another very low priority wish list thing.

- Another very minor weird thing . . . when in SSB S&P mode and switching
to CW (still S&P mode), the little down arrow auto send character count
position marker thingy shows up (as if you were in CQ mode).  It doesn't
seem to do anything, however.


Tim Totten,

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