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[TRLog] 10 meter contest glich??

Subject: [TRLog] 10 meter contest glich??
From: (Mike)
Date: Mon, 15 Dec 1997 03:56:44 +0000
 I don't know if it is only in this contest, maybe others found the same
problem. When switching back and forth from cw to phone I find it easier to
just keep one in VFO A and the other in the VFO B. When switching back and
forth the program would follow everything except the mults needed would
not, I found if I hit ALT-M twice and cycle the program through it, the
mults needed window would then change.
 Perhaps once it even logged a Q as a new multi, that should not have been,
when the mults needed windows was not switched, I noticed it when I did it,
but did not have time to double check. I have not looked back in the log to
see if it did or not.
I will play with the log tomorrow, and run all of the reports, and see what
it says.
Anyone else notice this? Or does everyone else do things 


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