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[TRLog] 6.16/6.18 observations

Subject: [TRLog] 6.16/6.18 observations
From: (Tree N6TR)
Date: Sun, 14 Dec 1997 22:12:58 -0800 (PST)
> - Finished wiring up the PTT ckt at 2356Z on Friday night before WW.  Why
> haven't I used this before?!  Man, this is my new favorite feature of
> TR--simply fantastic!  [As an aside, I've done a lot of analysis of my
> busted calls over the years, and darn near half of them on CW have been
> caused by missing the first CW element of a call--e.g., G4ABC becomes
> N4ABC.  This feature will absolutely improve my busted call percentage!]

I heard a local during the contest on phone who had a delay after
his CQ machine finished the CQ.  He would often miss the first 
letter of the callsign.  PTT control of the radio is the ONLY way
to go!  I guess break-in is also okay, but I think it adds a lot
of fatique and isn't as useful with two radios.

> - This may be a total nightmare to code properly, but scoring for /MM
> stations in WW needs to be based on their zone and not their home call. 
> For example, from TF3IRA, we worked UA2FM/MM in zone 33.  We should get 3
> points for that (zone 33 is Africa), not just 1 (UA2 is Europe).  I would
> put this at low-to-medium priority--hopefully it can be looked at before
> next year's WW. 

If it was easy to code, it would already be implemented. It gets even
messier because some zones have more than one continent in them.

> - How 'bout some simple validation before logging CQ zones?  I'm just
> thinking of 01 <= zone <= 40.  A couple times I'd try to change a 5 to a 4
> (or whatever), get going a bit too fast, and end up logging zone 54 or 44
> or something equally invalid.  I just used Ctrl-N to make a note to fix it
> later, but I'd rather have TR beep at me and force me to log it right in
> the first place.  Just something very low priority for the wish list.

This could probably be done.

> - The "mult needs for" box covering up part of the mults list has always
> been a minor annoyance to me.  In the past, I've always been able to
> restore the mults list by hitting Esc a time or two.  But for some reason,
> in the 10-meter contest, this didn't work in SSB mode.  It does still work
> on CW.  Kinda weird . . . .

Are you using the BIG REMAINING LIST option?  If you turn it off, the
window won't be as wide.

> - Along this same line, would it be possible to keep small mults lists
> always to the left of the area for the "mults need for" box?  In other
> words, if you only have a small number of mults (like SS, or the domestic
> mults for 160 or 10), they would never get covered up.  I realize you need
> the space for DX mults.  Another very low priority wish list thing.


> - Another very minor weird thing . . . when in SSB S&P mode and switching
> to CW (still S&P mode), the little down arrow auto send character count
> position marker thingy shows up (as if you were in CQ mode).  It doesn't
> seem to do anything, however.

This is fixed for the next release.  Hopefully there isn't a case
now when it doesn't appear when it should.

73 Tree

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