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Subject: [TRLog] POST U E S
From: (VR97BrettGraham)
Date: Wed, 17 Dec 1997 01:17:45 +0000
After the 10m contest, I decided I'd attempt to add some names to my
TRMASTER.DTA file.  Rather than do this call by call with POST, I figured
I'd be better off to edit TRMASTER.ASC, because as I paged through it, I'd
stumble across calls that I knew names for but probably wouldn't be calls
I'd specifically try to add names to.

So, I POST U E S'd TRMASTER.DTA, then POST U E A'd it & went off to edit
the .ASC file.

I now have a 250-odd kB .ASC file with blocks of alphabetized data, not a
file that's in alphabetical order from end to end.  This wouldn't be a
problem, if it weren't for everything else I have that can sort chokes on a
file so long.

Perhaps my expectation of alphabetical order is wrong, or is this normal?

73, VR97BrettGraham

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