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[TRLog] Hmmmmm

Subject: [TRLog] Hmmmmm
From: (Al Gritzmacher)
Date: Fri, 19 Dec 1997 10:21:45 -0500
At 12:16 AM 12/19/97 -0600, Dale, kg5u wrote:
>Maybe it would be better if they simply asked (required) us to FTP them.
>Wouldn't that take care of differences in systems and applications?  FTP is
>FTP, isn't it?

No, you still have a choice of sending it as ASCII or Binary in FTP. Chances
are whatever 'flavor' we sent would be the opposite of what they want!

>I have attached files and sent them to ARRL with no problems (except that I
>left off my exchange in the summary sheet and Bev sent me a note asking for
>it--otherwise, she accepted my log completely). I use Microsoft's e-mailer
>that comes with the Internet Explorer 4.0 download....both work super!!

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