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[TRLog] Log formats

Subject: [TRLog] Log formats
From: (Len Revelle)
Date: Sat, 20 Dec 1997 16:40:15 -0600
        I dunno that specifically showing the transmitted exchange is the
problem either. After my original CW log was rejected I resubmitted
after adding the transmitted exchange to each Q with a word processor
and it was accepted. I submitted my PHONE log with the transmitted
exchange only on the summary sheet and that was accepted.

        What ever the cause for rejection, I hope Billy will 'splain it to us.

Tree N6TR wrote:
> I spoke to Bev at the ARRL and was unable to find out specifically
> what the problem is with the formats (other than not showing the
> transmitted precedence check and section for each QSO which I have
> a hard time believing is really a problem).
> Billy has a message to call me (he is out ill today and maybe
> tomorrow).  I expect one of two things to happen:
> 1. They will accept the logs.
> 2. There will be a new version of POST and you can re-submit the
> logs.
> I am VERY frustrated that this is being handled by rejecting
> individual logs instead of working with me to solve any issues.
> I worked with the ARRL when I generated the conversion routine
> 7 years ago and have not been made aware of any problems.  In the
> past, when Billy asked me to change the section abbreviations for
> some of the sections, I promptly responded.  I also talked to him
> just this year to make sure there weren't any problems and nothing
> was brought up.
> I will update the list when I know more.
> Tree N6TR
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