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[TRLog] Bandmap (fwd)

Subject: [TRLog] Bandmap (fwd)
From: (george fremin iii)
Date: Sun, 28 Dec 1997 09:07:49 -0600 (CST)
>Used to be ctrl-pg dwn.  Got changed to ctrl-end in the last version I

See this is what I get for answering email so early - and not 
having a radio.  

Version 6.16 - Released 11 November 1997.
 - Changed bandmap access key to Control-End.

So if you have 6.16 or later it should be CTL-End.

Ok, Ok I do have a Norcal 30 meter qrp rig and a 
TenTec 40 meter QRP rig that almost works.  It was 
a kit that someone else built - now to find that 
one cold solder joint.


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