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[TRLog] vanishing call window - more

Subject: [TRLog] vanishing call window - more
From: (David Jones)
Date: Sun, 31 May 1998 19:37:08 PDT
>There *is* a pattern to this.  If you enter a call for an Australian or
>Canadian station in the call window, it disappears as soon as you hit 
>to go to the exchange window.  The call is actually logged properly.  I
>grabbed a copy of the international allocations table (things are 
>here!) and found it vanishes for all callsigns matching that DXCC 
>not just the VK and VE prefixes.  Other calls in the V block (VR2WO, 
>VP2EAA) don't have the problem.  CY9 (St. Paul) and CY0 (Sable) don't 
>up, but all other CY calls (which match Canada) do.  

I noticed this as well, when entering in my log afterwards (need to do 
some work on the shack 286).  It happens on seemingly random DXCC 
countries, esp. all Canada calls, and the VK.  There are a couple more 
that happened, don't remember offhand which ones.

>I would say there's probably something wrong in the multiplier file.  
>be inspecting it until after the contest though.

While I don't know how Tree has the program written, I'm not so sure.
It causes the call window to blank, but going back to the call window 
and hitting any key brings the call back, and then you just delete what 
you typed.

Very strange.


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