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[TRLog] Control-J crash in 6.24

Subject: [TRLog] Control-J crash in 6.24
From: (J. Feustle)
Date: Sat, 02 May 1998 19:51:46 -0400
With our spring semester winding down, I finally anticipate some time for
contesting. Consequently, I got to playing around with the program in
preparation for the upcoming CQ-M contest. While setting parameters using
the CRTL-J screen I found that I could regularly cause the entire program to
crash when I (1) scrolled to the last line on the screen and (2) hit the
Page-Down key just one more time. As bugs go, this is a very minor one, but
it will certainly bite someone at the worst possible time. I'm running DOS
6.22 on an AMD K-5 at 90 mHz with 16MB internal memory.

Joe, N8JF

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