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[TRLog] Re: IC765/TR Log

Subject: [TRLog] Re: IC765/TR Log
From: (VR98BrettGraham)
Date: Sun, 03 May 1998 02:28:51 +0000
Somebody once said to K8JP:

 I also have a 765 which I use for radio 2 in my set up with TR. I have the
 same problem with the 765 not responding well. The problem is that the
 program relys on polling for all its info however the Icom continuously
 spews out frequency data whilst being tuned and doesn't allow tr to poll
 whilst it is doing this, which results in a poor response. CT will take the
 data that is given to it which results in a smooth update and quick response.

An IC-765 is effectively a IC-751A with a power supply & antenna tuner bolted
into a bigger box.  I have had several 751s in the past & have played with the
CI-V interface since it first came out (I was into HF packet BBS forwarding
& the backbone stations in KH6, JA, VK, DU & VS6 needed to be able to QSY
automatically - I believe some are still using the program I wrote to do it).
The predecessor to CI-V was some awful parallel interface dog's breakfast.

Anyway, CI-V has a mode where the radio automatically spits out what it's
doing.  A flick of a dip switch on the interface board within the radio
will turn this off & if this is what's making TRlog unhappy, then all should
be well.  This feature is intended to allow you to slave one radio to
another.  In Jinglish, it is called transceive mode.

The odd ball ICOM radio is the 735, which deals with frequencies with one
byte less than all the others, if I recall correctly.  The 781 is also
different - with many more functions available under computer control - but
I don't know if this is the case with any later models.

Getting back to the 765, I'm sorry I didn't try the one I have in 9M6 while
I was last down there - was just too busy (warning: an MP & Quadra amp will
make your holiday seem 3 dB shorter).  Wish I had so I could say for sure,
but I don't think you'll need to buy one to fix this, Tree.  An alternative
is to set transceive on with another ICOM - I'd use my 751 here, but it's
been out of service for years with a display problem & has probably suffered
a lithium battery lobotomy by now.  Perhaps somebody could try & let Tree
know what happens.

73, VR98BrettGraham

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