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[TRLog] Success - 765 and TR 6.21

Subject: [TRLog] Success - 765 and TR 6.21
From: (Ron Chambers)
Date: Thu, 07 May 1998 09:03:03 -0500
Since my original posting on this problem I have received great
responses and suggestions from many...Thanks !

This past weekend, local contester and 765 user N5TJ suggested that I
force the 765 (via the dip sw settings) and TR to use 4800 baud
(eventhough the 765 worked great at 1200 baud in CT 9.27).....That is all
it took......TR and the 765 like each other now and communication
between the two is fairly reliable*....The Icom command delay seems to
work at at any setting above 100ms.....

*If I issue a freq change command in TR (using alt-N or by entering the
freq preceded by a minus sign), the 765 will change freq but it will be
placed in SPLIT mode everytime.......(and if I am in CW it will only go to
NARROW)......selecting a station/freq from a packet spot works
fine......every once in a while (10% of the time) the command from the PC
to the 765 gets ignored or it goes to the freq for a split second and then
returns to the previous freq....

Again, thanks everyone for the help......

now let's see, C is dah-di-dah-dit, Q is dah-dah-di-dah.......

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