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[TRLog] Now 400 MHz computers?

Subject: [TRLog] Now 400 MHz computers?
From: (Eric K9GY)
Date: Tue, 12 May 1998 06:58:18

Nice to see everything is alright with the 300 MHz machines,
but the wife just bought a 400 MHz machine - 128MB RAM ! 

Oops, I only get the old 75mhz machine in the shack, so not to 
worry! Boy I can actually use super check partial now ! It was TOO slow
on the 286 machine. Anybody interested in a microchannel IBM 286? Or a
acquired 386? I'll can bring them to Dayton if interested.  

A buddy at work says the 750 MHz are coming out by the end of the year?

73, Eric K9GY 

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