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[TRLog] Band map notes

Subject: [TRLog] Band map notes
From: (Juhan Poldvere)
Date: Tue, 12 May 1998 16:36:31 +0300 (EET)

I have some notes on the band map which we tried with 6.24.

1. When in band map, the down arrow does not move to the last entry (you
still can get to the last entry by pressing End). Looks like a 1..n vs
0..n-1 or < vs <= problem. Still present in 6.25.

2. I would like Ctrl-End to enter the map at or near the current transceiver
frequency. This would make band scanning faster - no need to down-arrow through
the whole list.

3. Despite objections about this being difficult I second wish-list item 53 -
I'd like to have a way to turn the band map/VGA mode on/off without Alt-X.
What's the difference with repainting the screen after Ctrl-J or Alt-P?

4. Under obscure circumstances I could not add any worked stations to the band
map until I worked one from the map. Dupe calls were simply cleared from the
call window and were not added to the map. After the 1st (band map) QSO every-
thing worked normal.

5. Occasionally, working S&P, BAND MAP CALL WINDOW ENABLE = TRUE,
when calling a station that has not been entered into the map, within the guard
band of a band map entry, the callsign of the station being called gets wiped
out. This sometimes happens to the received exchange too.

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