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[TRLog] FT-1000MP Serial Connection Question

Subject: [TRLog] FT-1000MP Serial Connection Question
From: (
Date: Sat, 16 May 1998 18:13:25 +0000
> The only way I can get frequency readout on the screen is if I'm connected
> to Com:1, which seems kinda low-tech because I've got to unplug the mouse
> each time I want to use TR-Log and plug it back in when I want to to into
> Windows '95.
> Any ideas out there on how I can get around from having to switch cables all
> the time? This has been driving me snakey for months.

Run the mouse on COM 2. Better yet, get a serial card that allows you to select 
high IRQs and run your mouse on COM 3, IRQ 13 or 15.

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