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[TRLog] Dayton

Subject: [TRLog] Dayton
From: (Juhan Poldvere)
Date: Thu, 21 May 1998 09:59:19 +0300 (EET)
> I have one funny story to share.  I was talking with K1EA on Saturday
> night and he related one story to me.  At the TR booth, we have a lot
> of people come by and ask "Why should I buy this instead of CT?".  Well,
> the same type of question was asked of Ken - "Why should I but CT instead
> of TR?".  Ken's response was "TR is for the more advanced operator".

This may be true. Another story happened here.

One of our operators was finishing a QSO and pushed a wrong key. When the
program started sending out an unintended message, the operator tapped
frantically on the keyboard starting another couple of messages and switching
back and forth between CQ and S&P modes several times. He finally managed
to tame the program, and a short reply came from the other end:
"dah di-dah-dit".

Have fun!
Juhan, the more advanced operator.
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