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[TRLog] DXTelnet and TRLog

Subject: [TRLog] DXTelnet and TRLog
From: becker@SPRINTMAIL.COM (Tony and Celia Becker)
Date: Mon, 25 May 1998 20:00:17 -0600
Hi All!

At 10:25 AM 5/24/98 +0200, Fabrizio (IK4VYX) wrote:
>I forgot to tell you about an important advantage when using DXT linked to
>If you use TR directly on the phone modem, you can connect to one cluster
>only; with DXtelnet you can launch several simultaneous sessions, each to a
>different cluster, with all the DXSpots, from all the sources, being routed
>to the TR link, without dupes and with filtering capability.
>This is true also if you launch DX-Plorer, which gets the spots from OH2BUA
>web cluster and JAC in Japan (adding a significant amount of PRECIOUS info
>from EU and Asia).

In fact this is what we will be doing next weekend at KO6N aka N6RO.
Steve, K6AW, has registered your program and will run it on his old IBM
Thinkpad.  I believe he plans to run both the local N7TR cluster and


AE0M, Tony Becker - - Silicon Valley, USA

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