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[TRLog] Re: putting it all together....

Subject: [TRLog] Re: putting it all together....
From: (Nat Davis)
Date: Tue, 26 May 1998 15:03:59 -0400
Paul asked:
>Is there a file somewhere that will tell me, in no uncertain terms, how to
>magically turn 12 files into Version 6.26. Is there a site I can go to on
>the Web where there's a ZIP file of Version 6.26?
>CU in WPX.
>73, Paul.

I use Eudora on Windows 95 for my mail program and have the same problem.
Here is what I do to fix it:
--      In Eudora, highlight all 12 files and save all of them into one file
using the "file save as" command.  The file will have a .txt suffix.
--      Change the .txt to a .uue file suffix -- use the file rename feature
of Explorer to do this.
--      I use Winzip as my file archive/unarchive package.  It is a
shareware type of program that you can download off the web.  Slick package.
It also does uudecoding -- which is what you must do to the one big file
that you now have.  Start winzip and "open" the tr file that you have saved
from you email.  Instruct winzip to unarchive the uuencoded file and you
will recover the individual files that go together to make the version of
TRlog.  Save these files to a new directory and you are in business.

Hope this helps.

Nat Davis

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