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[TRLog] TS-570D - notebook, help

Subject: [TRLog] TS-570D - notebook, help
From: (Martin Picek)
Date: Fri, 29 May 1998 12:14:52 +0200
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I have problem with my Kenwood TS-570D and notebook IBM
ThinkPad 360Cs. The notebook has one serial port and one
parallel only. As COM2 is PCMCIA modem. TR PORT print:

COM1 = $03F8
COM2 = $02F8
COM3 = $03E8
COM4 = $0000   Program will use $02E8

LPT1 = $03BC
LPT2 = $0000
LPT3 = $0000   Program will use $0378

I can use CW from LPT1, but TR doesn't know rig on COM1.
I have tried to use SERIAL 5 and 6 and nothing. Config
file is same as on others computers.

What can I try now?

Thanks for help and cu in WPX on 7 MHz.

Martin F/OK1EE
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