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[TRLog] LogConv v1.50 released

Subject: [TRLog] LogConv v1.50 released
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Date: Fri, 29 May 1998 12:33:02 -0500

The NA10 files may be not much different than NA9, but I'm
not 100% sure of that.  I wish I had a sample NA file here 
with me at work so I could tell for sure but I believe that the
NA version is part of the file type.  I can't just assume that
anything greater than 9 is equal to 9 or else something
really ugly will happen in the future.  I think I got burned on
this a while back when the CT9 file format came out.

Some time back I recall trying to work with an NA10 file
that someone sent to me.  But the field values did not seem
to match up to what I expected (i.e. the file format seemed
slightly different from NA9).  But this was some time ago and
I may not be remembering correctly.

I have NA10 support on my list of things to do but 10-12
hour work days always come first.  Hopefully now that the
source code is available some other Hams can chip in and
get these new features implemented quicker.

LogConv does not currently support NA format files for output,
regardless of the version.
        > Output: ADIF, ARRL .log, CT8, dBase, DXBase .sdf, TRLog
These are the only output files supported at this time.


Robert Barron, KA5WSS
Pervasive Software

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> >                     LogConv v1.5 is released
> > Log types supported:
> > Input:  ADIF, ARRL .log, CT7, CT8, CT9, DXBase .sdf, DXCluster, DxInfo,
> NA7,
> >         NA9, TRLog
> > Output: ADIF, ARRL .log, CT8, dBase, DXBase .sdf, TRLog
> >           
> Hi Robert, I grabbed LogConv from your website a couple of days ago and 
> installed the DOS and Windows 3.x versions.  Neither of them seems to 
> accept NA v10 files as either Input or Output (.QDF files), although I 
> thought the format for the files was the same as in NA9.  In any case, I 
> shouldn't have gotten an error message when trying to convert a CT .BIN 
> file to NA format, should just have gotten an NA9 output file...  Am I 
> missing something?
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