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[TRLog] Internet Relay Chat (IRC) & TRlog

Subject: [TRLog] Internet Relay Chat (IRC) & TRlog
From: (Gil Baron)
Date: Sun, 30 Aug 1998 06:25:35 -0500

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> Subject: Re: [TRLog] Internet Relay Chat (IRC) & TRlog
> "Igor Sokolov" <> wrote
> >
> > >I do this often.  Just give TR the serial port of your modem.
> > >Use your terminal emulation program (or control-B) to dial
> > >up your ISP and then telnet to the cluster (
> > >works).  TR will then just think it is talking to a TNC.
> > >
> > >Tree
> >
> > I have tested the above. Does not work for me. I do it in Win95. Start
> > telnet program (CRT in my case), telnet to one of the sites where feed
> > from dx summit is available,start to get spottings. I start TRlog in a
> > dos box and when the program asks for the port where my tnc supposed to
> > be I give the port where modem is connected (serial 4 in my case). I
> > continue get spots on telnet app but nothing shows up in TRlog. What do
> > I do wrong?
> >
> > Igor, UA9CDC
> >
> I haven't seen any other answers.
> I think you have 2 problems. First, I think that with Windows 95 you
> will have to use TR to talk to the modem so that the port assignments
> are done correctly. I have never used Windows 95 so maybe that is not
> true.  The second problem is that it sounds like you are using a PPP or
> SLIP connection to connect. TR can't use that.
It would be trivial to work around this with a more powerful or multiuser
operating system,

What would really be nice is to have Trlog use the winsock interface to do
this. I know it would be some coding but it would be a real enhancement. If
that were done you would not have to mess with these other things.

> but since Windows 95 is not multiuser I think there is no easy way to
> talk out one port and log into another.  Two solutions are:
> 1. Get a "shell" account from your ISP. Typically this means you
> connect through the modem using TR to an account on a machine at your
> ISP, and then telnet from a command prompt there to wherever you want.
> I believe this is what Tree was describing.
> 2. Set up another computer to act as your shell account. The cheap way
> to do this is to use old 386 with 100MB of disk and 4MB of memory and
> run linux. A cheap 14K modem will be fine for this purpose.  I have
> done this for various things and the easiest way to set it up is
> to borrow a keyboard and video card/monitor and either a CDROM drive or
> ethernet card to load the operating system.  Once you are running you
> remove the CD or ethernet card, keyboard and possibly the video card,
> and tell the bios that you don't have a keyboard or video (some bioses
> require a video card, but in that case it can be any old card to make
> the bios happy; you definitely don't need a monitor). When you want to
> use it, you just turn it on and let it boot up. You then log in through
> a serial port from TR and fire up your PPP connection and telnet. Since
> TR is talking to the telnet connection everything will work fine.
> Anyone familiar with linux/unix can set this up in about an hour.
> I hope this helps,
> 73 Kevin w9cf
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