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[TRLog] Colour indications

Subject: [TRLog] Colour indications
From: (D. R. Evans)
Date: Tue, 1 Dec 1998 13:25:25 -0600
This last weekend was the first time I've really messed with 2 rigs. Most 
of the time it was fun, but I did find one ergonomic lack. When any amount 
of sleep deprivation has set in, it's too easy to wind up on the wrong 
radio after hitting a few escapes or whatever -- the problem is that 
there's no OBVIOUS way to tell at a glance which rig is active.

Yes, I know that it says right there on the screen in microscopic letters 
which is the active rig. And of course the band map is different for the 
two rigs. But that's no help when I'm falling asleep.

My suggestion is that you allow the changing of window colour based on the 
currently active rig. That way I could have something (the band map maybe?) 
switch colours in such a way that even I could tell what rig is going to 
transmit when I hit something.

And a perennial request, turned down for the last several years:

PLEASE allow me to set the rate at which the calls on the band maps change 
colour and age off the screen. Whatever it's set to now is too short. Every 
year I get frustrated by this because I go S&Ping and half the stations 
have aged off the map even though they're still on the same frequency as on 
my prior pass. It seems like this ought to be a relatively easy thing to 
add. I am really the only one who finds this annoying???

  73 -- Doc  N7DR

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