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[TRLog] Re: POST U E F F & .RES files

Subject: [TRLog] Re: POST U E F F & .RES files
From: (AE0Q V31RY)
Date: Tue, 01 Dec 1998 18:47:16 -0700
At 01:08 02-12-98 +0000, Brett wrote:

>Luckily, I had few .RES files with dd<10, so I spent last night manually
>putting a "0" in front of some 2000+ lines of log.  Hopefully others will
>be able to avoid this in the future.
>73, VR98BrettGraham

  Brett, you can get a Windows editor called UltraEdit (shareware) that
allows you to add a vertical ROW to every line of a file with one key
stroke..  Or you can 'search and replace' to add a zero to every '1-', for
instance (or whatever the single digit is).

 This guy only makes the one program.  It's the best file editor I've seen
since Boxer, which was for DOS..  I still use Boxer when editing logs on my
DOS laptop.

  Anyway, maybe next time it won't take so long to fix the file!

73  --  Glenn
"Remember, any tool can be the right tool!"   Red Green

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