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Subject: [TRLog] Re: Bandmap
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Date: Tue, 01 Dec 1998 20:32:44 -0600
>PLEASE allow me to set the rate at which the calls on the band maps change 
>colour and age off the screen. Whatever it's set to now is too short. Every 
>year I get frustrated by this because I go S&Ping and half the stations 
>have aged off the map even though they're still on the same frequency as on 
>my prior pass. It seems like this ought to be a relatively easy thing to 
>add. I am really the only one who finds this annoying???

Well, I operated the contest from K7RAT this weekend and noticed that, too,
although I haven't mentioned it to the Boss yet.  Actually I thought it was
"just about right but maybe a little short."  I could see how it could be
thought to be too short under certain conditions, and I like having little
variables like that user-definable, anyway.

I didn't get to know the bandmap well enough to say a lot about it yet.
This is my first DX contest in a couple years.  Also, and I found this to
be a chuckle, the rig I used most of the time had only a VGA display and
could not display anything but the standard 20 lines.  (And the computer
had a 5" Floppy drive on it.)  - so, no bandmap.

When I got to use the GOOD computer, I got to use the Bandmap.  I would
think you should be able to tell the computer when you tune across a guy
again, that he is still there and reset the timer to zero, or tell the
computer that the guy is GONE and to remove the listing.  Also, as
previously noted, I think the smiley face should go away when you work the
country...even if you do it on one of the OTHER computers in the network.

But let's go easy on Tree - the bandmap concept is flirting close to low
priority on the wish list, and that is the only reason Tree is not putting
in a whole lot of development on it - other (more important) fish to fry.

Between you and me, I'm thankful we even got a bandmap at all!

Mark, N5OT

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