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[TRLog] DVK probs

Subject: [TRLog] DVK probs
From: (Doug Richardson)
Date: Wed, 02 Dec 1998 08:41:48 PST
I used the W9XT voice keyer card in Sweeps SSB. 

It called CQ like a damn, but I noticed there were times during the QSO 
that the function keys would not call up the voice keyer. I could send 
the F2 exchange only if I had not moved from the call window to the 
exchange window. If I pressed <enter> and moved to the exchange window, 
F2 did nothing. I made sure to press <F2> before <enter> and that solved 
the problem when CQing. 

This became a major pain in S&P mode because I had to be in the exchange 
window to input the CQing station's exchange before sending my own 
exchange back. I had to give manual exchanges when S&Ping because <F2> 
would not call the voice keyer from the exchange window. 

Is there a switch in the config file I don't know about? Why would TRLog 
surpress the voice keyer at any time? Any thoughts? (Getting ready for 
VE5CMA Doug Richardson
3226 Tufts Bay East
Regina SK  Canada  S4V 1V2
voice (306)789-2254
73 es TTFN de VE5CMA

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