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[TRLog] Ver. 6.34 Feature ?

Subject: [TRLog] Ver. 6.34 Feature ?
From: (
Date: Wed, 2 Dec 1998 19:24:53 EST
While operating CQWW CW this past weekend using TR 6.34 running on a 486/50
Laptop I ran into the following situation.


Station calls... I type in his call and hit ENTER.

TR sends my exchange AND then immediately logs the contact, adds my TU message
and begins CQing again.  I never get the chance to confirm his exchange.
Normally, I would  have to hit ENTER a second time to log the call, send TU
and start CQing again.  Everything happens after only one "ENTER" keystroke.

My TU must appear to the other station to be an integral part of my exchange,
and before he can get his exchange sent I'm CQing again.  Fortunately in CQWW
the exchange is generally self evident. 

This would occur about one time in three.  I never found any "unique" event
that would determine when this happend and when  the normal sequence  worked
as it should.

Just curious if I'm the only one on the planet with this "New Feature".

Joe, W5ASP

P.S. Thanks for the Qs...  de ZF1A  

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