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[TRLog] Colour indications

Subject: [TRLog] Colour indications
From: (George Fremin III)
Date: Thu, 3 Dec 1998 10:37:44 -0800 (PST)

D. R. Evans writes:
> My suggestion is that you allow the changing of window colour based on the 
> currently active rig. That way I could have something (the band map maybe?) 
> switch colours in such a way that even I could tell what rig is going to 
> transmit when I hit something.

I like this idea.

> PLEASE allow me to set the rate at which the calls on the band maps change 
> colour and age off the screen. Whatever it's set to now is too short. Every 
> year I get frustrated by this because I go S&Ping and half the stations 
> have aged off the map even though they're still on the same frequency as on 
> my prior pass. It seems like this ought to be a relatively easy thing to 
> add. I am really the only one who finds this annoying???

This is a good idea too.


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