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[TRLog] Colour indications

Subject: [TRLog] Colour indications
From: (D. R. Evans)
Date: Thu, 3 Dec 1998 14:45:59 -0600
On 3 Dec 98, at 10:37, George Fremin III wrote:

> D. R. Evans writes:
> > 
> > My suggestion is that you allow the changing of window colour based on the 
> > currently active rig. That way I could have something (the band map maybe?) 
> > switch colours in such a way that even I could tell what rig is going to 
> > transmit when I hit something.
> I like this idea.

Unfortunately, Tree apparently does not. His reply to me was private so I 
won't post it. But he doesn't sound impressed.

> > PLEASE allow me to set the rate at which the calls on the band maps change 
> > colour and age off the screen. Whatever it's set to now is too short. Every 
> > year I get frustrated by this because I go S&Ping and half the stations 
> > have aged off the map even though they're still on the same frequency as on 
> > my prior pass. It seems like this ought to be a relatively easy thing to 
> > add. I am really the only one who finds this annoying???
> This is a good idea too.

I have them occasionally. Sorting the good ideas from the bad ones is 
always the hard part.

As Tree knows, I just keep hounding him semi-periodically if I don't think 
his reason for refusing to implement something is good enough. I think this 
is the third or fourth year I've brought this bandmap one up. I'm pretty 
sure he'll submit on both of these one day. I've started posting my 
suggestions now instead of simply sending them privately, since I guess 
that he might take a suggestion more seriously if a few people make 
comments like yours, George.

(FWIW, I still think the best thing I persuaded him to do was add the 
keypad memories. I couldn't manage without being able to hit that nice fat 
numeric-0 key and have it send my call.)

  73 -- Doc  N7DR

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