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[TRLog] Question about Trlog

Subject: [TRLog] Question about Trlog
From: (Rick Bullon)
Date: Thu, 10 Dec 1998 05:27:58 GMT
 After using version 4.05 of Trlog I finally purchased the newest 
version 6.35, and I have a question.
 I've been playing with the new version so I can use it for the ARRL 10 
meter contest. I don,t have the interface for the rig for computer rig 
control (having trouble finding the din plug for my Kenwood TS940) so 
I'm going to have to run without rig control during the contest. The 
manual says without the interface the program will ask for the frequency 
but as I play with the program it doesn't ask for the frequency I have 
checked and I have "Ask for frequencies" flag set to true but it does 
ask for it. Is it because it is a single band contest?
  I don't want to get to the end of the contest and find out my log is 
not good became I messed something up in the setup.
 Another thought I had is it only needs the band ie 10 meters and not 
the exact frequency of the contact.
  I just got the number for Kenwood parts in an email but I know I can't 
get the din plug here and build the interface by Fri.
  So do I have something set wrong or is this the way it is suppose to 
work in a single band contest?
Thanks to Tree for a great program and thanks to the rest of you for the 
info I have gleaned for the reflector

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