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[TRLog] Question about Trlog

Subject: [TRLog] Question about Trlog
From: (David Jones)
Date: Thu, 10 Dec 1998 10:42:16 -0800 (PST)

> manual says without the interface the program will ask for the
> but as I play with the program it doesn't ask for the frequency I
> checked and I have "Ask for frequencies" flag set to true but it does 
> ask for it. Is it because it is a single band contest?

Okay, lets back up first.  The interface frequencies are used for the
The asking for frequencies flag also relates to the bandmap.
If you don't have BANDMAP ENABLE = TRUE, the frequencies don't do
anything, and it won't ask you for it.
Now, if you have the bandmap on, my experience (using an old TS-530 so
no interface) is that TR will only ask for the frequencies for the
bandmap if you hit the space bar to dupe check.

>   I don't want to get to the end of the contest and find out my log
> not good became I messed something up in the setup.
>  Another thought I had is it only needs the band ie 10 meters and not 
> the exact frequency of the contact.

Right, the log doesn't need the frequency...there's a flag to put the
freq in the log, but the main reason for the freq is for the bandmap.
Again, to echo others, I always make up 20-25 Q's and run them
through, esp. in CW tests, to make sure that everything is setup
right.  Just make sure you delete log.dat, log.tmp, bandmap.bin,
restart.bin, and any other files created by TR except logcfg.dat.

Good luck, see you this weekend.

David Jones, KK7GW

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