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Subject: [TRLog] File names
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Date: Fri, 11 Dec 1998 12:10:43 -0800 (PST)

I am close to doing the "final" implementation of the new file name
system for TR Log.  I have made some changes in my thinking after
hearing feedback from many of you.

Here are my ideas:

1. The current method of using LOG.DAT, LOG.TMP, RESTART.BIN and 
LOGCFG.DAT will still be available.  Unless you elect to start using
different file names, the current operation of the program will be
exactly as it has before.

2. A new command will be used to allow you to save your existing
configuration and log under a new filename.  This filename will
be something you enter - not a default generated by the contest.

This would be the same as pressing the SAVE AS button on your windows
application.  This will rename your current working files with the
new extensions previously proposed (.CFG, .LOG, .TMP and .RST).

3. A command will be implemented to act the same as the NEW button
on your windows application.  Here, you can select the type of 
contest from the contest menu, and decide what name you want to use
for the files (with the old filename convention as the default if
you decide not to enter anything).

4. If, and only if, more than one configuration file is found in
the directory that you start TR up in, you will be presented with
a menu of the different configuration files that exist (including
LOGCFG.DAT if there is one) and you can select which one you want
to use.  

5. You can also start the program with a previously saved
filename, and the program will start up with that configuration 
file and log loaded.  Say you saved your stuff as CWSS98 and
you therefore had CWSS98.CFG, CWSS98.LOG, CWSS98.TMP and CWSS98.RST.  

If you type TR CWSS98, the program will come up using those files 
without the menu being presented.

I hope to have this all implemented in TR over the weekend and
release it next week.  POST will have some catch up to do, so that
it can allow you to select different files from a menu, and also
let you save logs to an archive and delete them.

After that, I plan to spend time getting the manual up to date on
all of the recent changes and only do bug fixes for the next month
or two.


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