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[TRLog] Trlog after the contest

Subject: [TRLog] Trlog after the contest
From: (Rick Bullon)
Date: Mon, 14 Dec 1998 06:12:00 GMT
 Ok Guys I got through my first contest with Trlog without any major 
problems YEA! Now the questions I'm sure have been asked on here before 
so please bear.
  OK I ran the log thru the post program and played with all the 
functions ( best way to learn IMHO).I can't find any place that has my 
score on it. So did I do something wrong someplace?
  My other question is more about DOS than Trlog. I am ignorant when it 
comes to DOS I can change directories and simple stuff but most 
functions or unknown to me so how to I get the files I need out of DOS 
and into windows so I can Email my log and summary sheets into the ARRL? 
That is what I need to send in right? BTW there is no printer on this 
computer it is on the other computer in the other room. so I have no 
print function from this computer I have to move files to a floppy and 
load it on the other computer

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